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  • Welsh Gold Room Spray

    Sandalwood, tobacco leaf and honey makes this Welsh Gold scent perfect for evoking those senses. These room sprays are a great alternative to the candles and they smell just as good! All made with luxury ingredients to ensure the perfect scent. 150ml of lush scent Keep away from delicate surfaces.
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  • Welsh Gold Diffuser

    The headiness of Tobacco, sits sweetly amongst the honey base of this fragrance. Welsh Gold; a masculine scent reminiscent of a grampa, or father. reminiscent of a smoking pipe, a coal fire,  or a working miner.   Welsh Gold is a highly fragranced diffuser. Supplied with 7 reeds. 100ml of fragrance.   These Welsh diffusers are hand poured in a Welsh Studio.   Diffusers are a great way to add fragrance to your home. To ensure a great scent throw, flip the reeds once a week. If you would like a more delicate scent then just flip them less. Your diffuser will always smell slightly stronger if placed by a draft.
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  • Welsh Gold Copper Tin Candle

    Sandalwood, tobacco leaf and honey make this scent perfect for evoking those senses. These Welsh candles are high quality and have a lasting fragrance. The Welsh tin candle burn for approx 40 hours. To ensure a perfect burn, light at first for 4 hours, this will ensure a full melt pool. Before relighting, trim the wick to 5mm and burn for at least an hour to ensure even burning. Place out of reach of children, pets and drafts.
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  • Welsh Gold Wax Melts

    Highly scented with sweet honey and smokey tobacco, its a firm favourite! Please follow candle safety tips when burning candles Pack contains approx 6 melts.
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  • Golden Oldie

    Smooth and densely pigmented lustrous metallic paint, formulated for adding shimmer to your projects! Fun and simple to use for stunning effects such as highlighting detail, edging, handles, and more. Eco-friendly, water-based and with minimal VOC content, suitable for interior or exterior use on a wide range of hard surfaces including wood furniture, laminate, metal, concrete, glass and leather. Available in 5 fabulous colours!
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  • Gorgeous Gold

    Frenchic ‘FrenSheen’ is a natural mineral powder which adds a 'pizzazz' to your painted furniture. Available in 5 different colours – Bronze, Copper, Gold, Green and Silver – they can be used by mixing the desired amount to our Finishing Coat or Waxes to form a paint consistency. The more added the bolder the colour. FrenSheen is extremely easy, fun to use and produces startling results. It has also gone through rigorous testing to be REACH certified.
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