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  • Metal Table Clamp

    Customisable and versatile, this table clamp can be used with any Christmas theme you like! This metal display table rack is the most versatile decoration that can be used year after year on your table set ups, not only for Christmas. This table decoration clamp makes it easy to create an impressive Christmas table centerpiece. Once the clamp is in place, simply drape garlands, foliage or Christmas decorations around the central poles. This will turn any table into a beautiful statement piece in your home, perfect for entertaining guests. The table clamp is split into five pieces, with the two clamps on the side poles with three adjustable pole lengths in the middle. Please note that foliage and hanging decorations are not included. The maximum weight this can hold is approximately 3KG. The minimum table depth for the clamp is 2cm. The maximum depth of the clamp is 5.8cm. Each pack contains: 2 x metal table clamp support poles at 88cm height 2 x metal clamps to secure product 3 x extendable metal table clamp hanging poles at 123cm long when assembled and approx 180cm long when extended. Easy 'how to' instructions are included with product.
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